Artist, Photographer, Musician, Filmmaker


Testimonials from Clients and Collaborators

Ruth Jepson, SCPHRP 

'Felix has recently he has undertaken two projects for me which illustrate many of his positive attributes.  The first project was to create a film about a research project we are working on. The second project was to teach one of our staff to make films.  Both projects have demonstrated to me his high level of maturity, initiative, and professionalism. He is wonderful to work with and is responsible, productive and likeable.'

Roland Wagstaff, Got 2 Groove Founder

'Felix was an excellent editor who helped me to create a great showreel for my functions band. As a result, we've had so many more bookings, and Felix's professionalism and humour means he's great to work with. He was always working towards what I wanted, but also offering his own expert advice. Thank you, Felix!'